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Health & Location Tracker - Gray

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  • REAL-TIME LOCATION TRACKING: Set up alerts and quickly locate your pet, whether they have escaped or are 3,000 miles away. Receive notifications if your pet's location leaves a designated safe area. Using AT&T nationwide network and Google maps.
  • HEALTH, NUTRITION, & ACTIVITY TRACKING: Monitor activity levels, calories, distance, and activity, along with behaviors like licking, scratching, and sleeping to keep an eye on potential health problems. Get recommendations on food portions based on activity levels, breed, age, and weight. Email a 30-day report to your vet.
  • 20-DAY BATTERY, BUILT-IN NIGHT LIGHT: Use the app to choose between 3 safety night light settings, slow flash, fast flash, or always on. The long-lasting battery goes up to 20-days on a single charge for your greatest adventures.
  • CHAT WITH A VET. Your Whistle subscription gives you access to on-demand veterinary help through chat, phone, or email right from the Whistle app. 

Customer Reviews

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Wendy McManigal
charging every 5 days. Says my dog is wandering away from home but she’s not

I was excited to upgrade from a whistle 3 to a whistle go explore. And the reason I was upgrading was because my whistle 3 stopped charging, which I later found out was a glitch. The Go Explore seemed a great fit. I was so excited about the 20 day battery life. Unfortunately I have had to charge twice in the two weeks I’ve had it not including the initial charge. AND when I plug the charger into the whistle, it only goes in half way. Also, I am awakened most nights that my dog, who is in her crate beside me, is 100 feet away from home. Thankfully she comes back to me later on in the middle of the night. � I would sure like some help from the Whistle company.Went to the on line chat and it was a Bot asking me questions. . . Repeatedly. Please tell me this is a glitch and that this item will be even better than the Whistle 3. Or I will have to return and buy another whistle 3.I would like to add that the tech support contacted me immediately which is truly a credit to them. They suggested I expand my ‘home’ safe place which needed to be done. I’m hoping that this and setting the WiFi to my home WiFi will help the battery life and the middle of the night false alarms. Their response and my happiness with my prior Whistle 3 has changed my two stars to three. I’m hoping it will change to a five.Another update...With the help of Whistle’s fabulous tech support we resolved an issue that was my mistake. I had my home safe place setting too small. It did not cover my entire property. This has been addressed and I no longer get false alarms in the middle of the night. Another issue may be because I set up my dog’s Whistle at work and it paired with that WiFi as the main connection. My dog goes to work with me every day which is another ‘safe place’ for her. The information the tech support had was that we were only in our primary safe place 40% of the time. This tells me I spend way too much time at work!! So, tonight I have reset my dog’s Whistle to home as the primary safe place.Also, I was worried that the charge connection was too shallow. See my photo. I was told that that is the way it works and to not push it in further as it will damage the charge port.So, because of all the help I’ve received from Whistle’s tireless tech support I will now give four stars. The last issue I have is the battery life. I am charging every five days. We are hoping with the primary WiFi reset this will improve. It may not reach 20 days as advertised as I am in a rural location and my dog travels with me most days. I’m hoping for more than the five days. If it increases I would not hesitate to give Whistle 5 stars. Fingers crossed.Final update. It’s been a week now since I last charged and we are at 66%! Yay! Thank you to Miranda from the support team. She was with me on this journey helping me get things right. I am now absolutely pleased with purchase and recommend not only the device but the technical support. Thank you Whistle for my piece of mind.

Saved Out Dog!!!

We lost our dog in the middle of a snow storm and it was in the rocky mountains!!! We drove up for 2.5 hours finding the little dog and then watching her run off... Amazing device. I can't believe we found her in he middle of a snow storm in the rocky mountains. Saved our family from loosing a puppy we love very much!!! Thank You whistle!!!

Tracking that cat, Tracking that cat!

This thing really is fantastic. Save yourself the worry over every possible issue and just buy it. There is a monthly data plan required but it is absolutely worth it. This product just seems better all around than the only other strong competitor I checked out called the Findster Duo that did not require an extra data plan. Frankly I consider the data plan on the same lines of an HBO subscription, as tracking this cat really ends up being a pretty entertaining situation. AND every night I get to make myself snortlaugh by turning on the app and singing "Trackin' that a$s, trackin' that cat as$!" It's a good time.The tag is kind of large but it really is fine on a kitty. My cat is not bothered in the slightest! (see picture) She is about 12 lbs or so but I have a much smaller, petite kitty who is also fine with the tag. Just tell them you need them to help you through the eazy-pass toll lane and make yourself laugh. The tag has a plastic clip to attach to the collar and I use a regular safety-release cat collar which works perfectly. (no need to feel like you have to get the special Whistle collar) Some reviews complain about the clip, but it is sturdy enough and I just take off the whole collar when I get her in for the night/put it on again before she goes out the next day to avoid having to mess with the clip. The clip part stays on the collar and is kind of the base of the tag, and you twist off the top of the tag to remove from the clip to expose the port for when you need to charge the battery.Speaking of the battery, it seems to hold up pretty well- at least for our usage. (I worried a lot before that she would disappear and the battery would die before I could find her but if you are keeping tabs there would be plenty of time before that could happen- as long as you stay on top of battery charge) My cat doesn't really care about going out during the day and lounges at home. While at home and in the wifi range- it isn't using up battery power. I put the collar on her in the evening and she sort of hangs around the yard awhile and then starts to roam. The battery mostly doesn't come into play for us until after she leaves the "safe zone" and/or wifi. I then set it to actively track her with updates every 3 minutes while she is out. you can change this Track mode from 3 min to 30 min intervals, I believe. Active tracking (you actually push the track button for this- you do not have to "actively track" and can just update the gps every now and then to spot check location) shuts itself off once the cat comes back into the safe/wifi zone.For us, active tracking is maybe 2-3 hours a night total now but that is just because I am super interested in where she goes and we recently moved to this address so everything is new. I foresee a pattern or routine emerging where she just kind of does the same cat things and I will active track less and less. When she comes home, I just take the whole collar off and pop the removable tracker part on the charger if needed. I at least make sure to do it when the app tells me the battery is below 60% which takes 3-4 days with our usage to get to that level.To circle back to the issue of would the battery last if the cat disappeared? well, probably. depending on the situation. The battery is supposed to last like 10-12 hours with constant use. But if you aren't Active tracking that whole time, you can conserve/prolong that battery considerably by just doing a spot-check track every so often to keep a general idea of location and saving the active track till you are actually trying to grab them.As far as accuracy- it seems pretty darn good. Every now and again, something freaks out in the GPS and in one second it will show her suddenly three streets over from where she was, but then immediately having returned to the starting point. It freaked me out, but it was a couple seconds and corrected itself. If you are actively tracking, especially in the shorter 3 minute intervals, the app will show a map of the area, with little data pinpoints showing her movements which is very cool. (and funny if they are just staying in one area, but stopping to sniff stuff every few feet or so) There can be a lag to get the first update when you turn the tracking on, but otherwise I haven't noticed any significant lag otherwise. I love it when I know she is about to walk in the cat door to the house before she sees us and we give her a super enthusiastic greeting to welcome her back. PARTY!I'll wrap this up for now, but I'll add some screenshots of the app interface and other little tidbits later if I remember to come back to this.

Great Product

I was a little nervous after reading many reviews stated here but still decided to give it a try. I bought the Go Explore Version and I live in San Juan, PR, US. Product performs well, battery life still in 96% after 5 days of usage with plenty of walks, trips and some escapes. Accuracy is great and notifications works perfect. For now, this is a great product and works well with no issues at all. When you or your family takes the pet for a walk or a trip it automatically recognizes who have the pet and you can track it live with 15 secods refresh rate. Yes, it has a 3-minute delay for letting you know your pet escaped the safe zone but that’s how it works to minimize false alarms due to WIFI coverage or area coverage. I recommend having WIFI all over the house and patio area and you should not have any issues with false alarms, also make your safe zone a little larger than your house as instructed in manual. For now, it’s a great product and will buy for my other pets. I had an issue with the collar snap attachment; it broke . I sent an email and in a few minutes received a reply telling me they will be sending one free of charge. I received it in 2 days at my mail out of continental US. Great customer service for now.

JoAnne D.
Best tracker out there!

Buy the proper device for your pet! I received this today. Originally I ordered the Whistle 3 but was disappointed with the plastic clip that attached it to any collar.So I decided to return it and get the Whistle Go Explore. $30 more, but it has a night light on it and a longer battery life. I also ordered the collar that was recommend to go with it. So much sturdier. Metal clasps and also a metal bracket to secure the tracker in.Was so excited to try it out so I let my 85 lb male German Shepherd out to run tonight on the farm near me.The device tracked him (a map of his excursions showed up on the app I downloaded on my iPhone). It let me know when he was home before I heard him walk him walk in the house.I highly recommend this tracker!