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Dog Activity Monitor - 1.5" Wide Collars

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  • ACTIVITY: Monitor activity, sleep quality, distance, calorie balance, and overall health & behavior 24/7. Set ideal goals vs. breed, age, and weight peers. Add multiple dogs and owners in our apps. iOS 12+ or Android 6+ required.
  • BATTERY: Exceptional battery life up to 6 months. Worry less about recharging and more about bonding with your pup! Lightweight (10 g). Fits dogs of any size and most collars up to 1.5" wide. Tough, rugged, and waterproof.
  • HEALTH: Catch early signs of discomfort or disease. Monitor mobility, anxiety, and skin conditions through changes in the FitBark Health Index and Sleep Score. Invite your trainer or veterinarian to review your pet's data.
  • MOTIVATION: Works with your Fitbit, Apple Watch, Apple HealthKit, or, Google Fit wearable device or smartphone. Compare stats side by side and start building healthy & safe habits together. FitBark Clock Face available on the Fitbit Gallery

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great buy.

This is a replacement FitBark for one that no longer was in working order. We had let our dog go into the water and the first one was not waterproof. We decided to buy a second one, the upgraded model, and we have had no problems as this one has a protective cover over it. She can now go swimming which is beneficial as she has had elbow dysplasia. She loves swimming when we go to the beach Thank you for updating the FitBark to allow this. Fingers crossed it continues to do so.

F. Donald
Doggy Weightloss

This device has been great. I knew our 9 year old aussie was inactive, but I didn't have a good reference point to how inactive she really was. She has been struggling with weight for years, and even with diet unable to lose. This device gives me an idea of how many calories she burns daily as well as ideas to make her more active. According to her weight... she should have been burnimng 1200 calories a day. Turns out she usually only burns 700-900. That's a big difference when you're on a weightloss diet from your vet. So far we are down 5 lbs.

Valerie Smith
Great product

I was worried it would be too big for my puppy Keto (4.5 lbs), but it is super light weight and doesn't bother her at all. She can still wear her harness, outfits, etc and it doesn't get in the way. It seems to be pretty accurate.I have it connected to an extra cell phone at the house so it is always able to sync and I can check in on her activity when I am not home. I also like the reminders. One day, Keto slept way way more than normal and it alerted me asking if she was okay. I appreciate that.Also the journal you can use within the app is great. I can add pictures and other details, like vet visits, etc.So far I am very happy with my purchase and would buy again.


Love mine. Bought it for both of our dogs. The battery lasts for a really long time. Its been 3 months now and havnt needed to charge them yet. Customer service was super nice. The one thing i dislike about this product is that it doesnt hook to wifi so you can only read them through Bluetooth. Not that big of a problem but i would like to check on them while I'm at work. Overall would recommend.

Dog Mom approved

Purchased two for my heeler mixes. We are pretty active and love going on hikes. I wanted to track their activity and chose these. The company offers lots of support- tutorials to show how to put on the device to collar. Once you place this on their collar, you have to cut the zip tie to remove it for another collar. Zip ties are cheap though.Easy to re-charge. I plug them in the cables provided to my computer and charge them. I would say the app is easy to use - that’s where you will monitor and track their activity. I haven’t kept their collars on to track sleep patterns but it is an option.It’s fun to see the comparison from my Apple Watch tracker to their trackers - I would say it’s pretty darn close for accuracy.Worth the money. P.s- this doesn’t track your dogs location. I didn’t buy mine for that but just in case anyone was wondering.